Work with Michelle

NO MORE WAITING to begin your next PURPOSEFUL chapter of LIFE!

You are feeling...

  • frustrated that your relationships are not fulfilling.
  • tired of feeling the need to measure up and falling into perfectionistic patterns.
  • lonely because you isolate instead of reaching out for help.
  • frantic to control the people and circumstances around you and for a guaranteed outcome.
  • sad that your inner-critic has a grip on you and tells you that you aren't enough.

I totally and 100% understand this because it’s exactly who I was for much of my life. Until I dove deep into my behaviors and inner-work, unlearned that way of being, and re-learned a new way.

Now, my life is by no means perfect. I still hit hard times. I still find myself in situations that I mentioned above. But, the difference is that I don’t live there anymore. And when I visit, I don’t stay for long.

I’ve learned a whole new way of LIVING and have the tools for resilience.

And it’s completely and totally possible for you to learn it too. 

If you did, your life could look like:

  • Feeling GOOD enough no matter what life throws at you
  • Feeling BRAVE enough to speak up when you need to articulate your needs
  • Having the COURAGE to ask for support and feel good being supported.
  • Having real and loving CONNECTION with people.
  • Building the CONFIDENCE you always admired in other women.

Become the happiest person you know

How long have you been hearing the WHISPERS inside to make a CHANGE in your life?  Weeks, months or years? 

NO MORE WAITING to begin your next PURPOSEFUL chapter of LIFE!

The Foundation Session

The Foundation Session is a deep dive into your internal being. Through a guided practice, together we discover the depth of who you are and what you want out of life.

What you will take out of this session will be eye opening, and will change the way you approach all aspects of your life. The take away from this session will help you live a happy and truly fulfilling life. 


One-on-One coaching sessions will ensure you reach all your desired goals. Together we will discover all you want to accomplish in call aspects of your life and take steps in the right direction.

Whether it's finding your dream career, growing your business. figuring out your life purpose, finding yourself, learning how to deal with loved ones, how to attract love and positivety, or any other deep desires; together we will make sure we accomplish it.

Stephanie Doran

Michelle is very direct and offers a clear way of untangling complex issues and giving direction. Her compassion Mindset allows me to feel heard and the tools she utilizes and provides the guidance I need to support my journey. Her close connection to plant intelligence through medicine work and plant dietas, gives her a deeper lens to the medicine path. She has the ability to focus and help deepen our understanding of what's real and what is illusion.

About Michelle.

Michelle is a Certified Life Coach based in Vernon, British Columbia. Her holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients. Michelle helps clients live their best life, by filling the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, and holding accountability, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams.

Emotional Processing tips NOBODY has taught you.